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References From Customers

Rating: 10
Patti and Tony are the best inspectors I've ever met! Professional, timely, courteous, and great at what they do. Very indepth! Highly recommended!

Rating #: 61972 (Homeowner)  
Rating: 10
I was referred to Patti for mold and/or allergens in my home.  Wasn't sure but she was in my home using various methods of inspecting the rooms and went under sinks, garage, interior, exterior, and found out several reasons, not just one of where the problem was.  I had no visible signs of mold but she was excellent in her method of inspecting, testing, and sent me a wonderful report which will allow me to make necessary changes.  She's the best!  I recommend her to any and all in need of someone ethical and knowledgeable.

Rating #: 59214 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Patti and Tony wers extremely thorough and attentive and their advice on maintenance and what to watch out for with your home is worth its weight in gold! Thank YOU Patti and Tony for taking the time to educate us about how to care for our home and make sure we are protecting our most valuable asset! You are a life saver! Jorge and Tara Cardoso

Rating #: 59192 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Tony, you went way above and beyond the call. I cannot express enough how thankful I am that you did the inspection. I just know in my heart that your heart is motivated a lot more by helping people than making a buck.  While making a living is very important, I felt like I was in excellent and highly professional and skilled hands with someone who defines integrity and really care about their profession and people. It was a joy, honor and relief to have you inspect the house. This whole process can be harrowing and you took a lot of pressure off, you and your crew. THANK YOU Ricky

Rating #: 58787 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Patti and Tony were extremely thorough and efficient. I was pleased with the inspection and will most definitely recommend this company to whomever needs an inspection.

Rating #: 58220 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
I was not able to be in state when the Patti's team did the inspection and had to rely upon her and my realtor, Sandra Cass to be my eyes and ears. Patti called me and did a "virtual" walk thru with me, as well as one with my realtor. She pointed out any problem areas so we had a heads up to the report contents. The amount of detail and practical advice provided was outstanding. I felt very fortunate to have had Patti Neri recommended to us and because of her thorough inspection, we felt very confident to move forward to the completion of sale. If you need an inspection company, this is the one you must use!

Rating #: 58118 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Thank you for being so thorough and explaining everything and made sure I understood the issues.

Rating #: 57994 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
I got way more than what I thought I was going to get. Patti is head & shoulders above other inspectors when it comes to inspections. There was not one item that was missed. Patti even followed up with me to make sure I understood the report 100% I highly recommend Patti as an inspector and she's a great referral source. Patti is now my GO TO GIRL! GO GOVIER, Wellington FL

Rating #: 57665 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Great and more than expected inspection. Thanks a Million. Riyad A. Abboud

Rating #: 56876 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Patti was very thorough. She explained everything to me as well. I would absolutely recommend and use her services again.

Rating #: 56112 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Very thorough and informative report.

Rating #: 55927 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 10
Patti has it all together! I would NOT use anyone else!

Rating #: 55913 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
The crew was very thorough, explained what was being done, extremely knowledgable, respectful, clean, very professional.

Rating #: 55358 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 10
Thank you to Patti and Tony for working with my buyers in the most professional manner I have seen in many years.  I have been in the real estate business for 30 years and these two are truly knowledgeable and experts in the home inspection business.  Thank you!  I will continue to refer you to all my clients.

Rating #: 54988 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Thank you so much for a very detailed inspection. The report was very easy to read and understand and the observations will be very helpful for the up keep of the house. Thank you again for your professionalism and passion for what you do.

Rating #: 54812 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Very professional, prompt, and detailed. Would highly recommend!

Rating #: 54792 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 10

Rating #: 53628 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
I was soooooo grateful to have you there. Being a non resident, it would be difficult to know what the problems were. And,you were so nice to me with my emotions on buy a home without my husband there for support. thank you and please use me for a reference. B.F.

Rating #: 53594 (Buyer/Seller)       
Rating: 10
The inspectors were very thorough, took time to explain what they were doing and offered suggestions to correctly maintain areas that needed attention. The inspector for wind mitigation also suggested an option to correct a non-conforming garage side door without having to replace the entire door and frame. That alone could save about half the cost of the inspection. We used USBI before on our first home and plan on using them again when we buy another home.

Rating #: 52999 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 10
Patti, As always it was a pleasure. On this inspection what you didn't know was that my client's friend with her is a retired builder. He had nothing but good things to say and thought that you were great! I didn't need him to tell me that, I already knew! Thanks for another great inspection. Barbara Yates Exit Realty Neighbors

Rating #: 52598 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Patrice Neri Thank you for doing such a great job. You are punctual, prompt, professional and extremely thrall.

References Part II

Rating #: 52355 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10

I needed a commercial office suite inspected and they were able to do it in a timely manner, very efficient, received the inspection report, and was able to negotiate with the Seller.

Rating #: 51781 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Patrice was an excellent inspector! She is extremely professional and incredibly knowledgeable. She provided a wealth of information about the home I am looking to purchase which will help me to insure the health and well being of my family and improve the structure and safety of the home.

Rating #: 51237 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
We were very pleased with the professionlism of the inspectors, and the attention to detail all 3 inspectors present gave to my home.

Rating #: 51205 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Patti is exceptional, she undertand and take very serious the importance of her job. I absolutely place all my trust in her judgement and will recommend her to every i know.

Rating #: 51154 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 10

Rating #: 50771 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Very personable and easy to understand.

Rating #: 50628 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 9

Patti and Tony were outstanding in their expertise handling home inspections for my clients, and dissemenating information to them as to what would be in the inspection report, and spend quality time with my buyers to explain the inspection details so they are not scared, but rather are informed.

Rating #: 50342 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 10
Patti and Tony are awesome, and I will always recommend them. Their knowledge and how they handle clients make this process of selling or buying a home less stressful!

Rating #: 50283 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 9
Great as usual. Gave your name to another client for a home inspection on 91st in Loxahatchee.

Rating #: 50159 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 8
FYI....Owners of the property were very pleased with the way in which the condition of their home was left.  They were able to receive a copy of the home inspection report, and were so impressed, that now they want to use you to inspect a home for them.  A home of this size and beauty is one in which the sellers thought they would be nervous or concerned that the inspection company might disturb precious items, but were in fact, more than impressed at how gentle, and careful you were, while managing to be extremely thorough, and not miss anything for the buyers.  It was apparent from your inspection report how thorough you and your staff were, while paying close attention to not disturbing expensive items in their home.  Thank you!  You made me look very good.

Rating #: 50042 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 10
I really appreciate that fact that you took extra time to explain all of your findings and made sure that I fully understood the results completely. I feel confident that your inspection was complete and through. Thanks.

Rating #: 49901 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Patti was extremely professional and helpful. From the very beginning she understood what we wanted and needed and delivery exceptional service. I will absolutely recommend Patti to everyone I know is looking for an inspector.

Rating #: 49620 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Patti returned my initial call within 30 minutes and was able to schedule an inspection for the following day. Her company was quick, thorough, and efficient. I had the inspection report within 48 hours of my first contact with her. We appreciate her company's work and would highly recommend her.

Rating #: 49561 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 10
Thanks for a thorough professional and timely inspection!!

Rating #: 49536         Mar 28, 2013 7:30 PM
Rating: 10
Thank you very much. We are very happy with the inspection. We will definitely recommend you to all of our friends.

Rating #: 49340 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
always a pleasure to work with her company. Thank you

Rating #: 49051 (Real Estate Pro)  
Rating: 9
Every one of my buyers that has used US Building Inspectors takes special time to tell me how professional the Patti and Tony are in delivering the message after the inspection, and all the up front time they spent on the phone with my buyers prior to scheduling the inspection.  They leave no stone unturned.  True professionals.  I refer them all the time.

Rating #: 48977 (Buyer/Seller)  
Rating: 10
Inspection was very well done and the report was extremely factual.

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