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This list is for the benefit of the homeowners, realtors, property managers, as those in the community have hired several of these contractors for various reasons and have been satisfied with the results.

The following is a list of contractors who have worked or live in the area.  They are not our sub-contractors.

If you are a contractor who is not listed below, would like to recommend one, need to update your contact information, or would like your information removed from the list, please contact me at

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY:   While we at US Building Inspectors strives to make the information on this website as accurate as possible, we make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this contractor’s list, and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of the list.  No warranty of any kind, implied, expressed, or statutory, including but not limited to the warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or freedom from computer virus, is given with respect to the contents of this contractors list.  Reference in this list to any specific commercial product, process, or service, or the use of any trade, firm or corporation named is for the information and convenience of US Building Inspectors, and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by US Building Inspectors.

Air Conditioning/Heating:  

Mark at State Energy Air Conditioning & Heating, 561-795-1130

Terry Cook at Seabreeze Air Systems, 561-964-3817

Julio de la Cruz, Nova Air Conditioning, 561-644-6509

Alarm System, Cameras, Surveillance, Michael Kennedy, All Angles Security 561-723-0612  Click here for his website.

Allergen Testing, Allergy Pillows, Dust Mite Pillow Covers, Bed Bug Mattress Covers, Air Conditioning Allergen Filters: 

Patti Hofstrand, Allergy & Asthma Consultants, 561-784-8811, 772-236-4433.

Carpet Cleaning or Furniture Cleaning: 

Michelle, All-In-One, 561-333-7515


we know licensed and insured and reputable contractors, tell us what you need, and we'll refer you to the correct one

Repairs or Remodel:

Text us for these contacts....

Mark Mumma, 561-714-3205 licensed and insured

Drywall, and other repair or installation needs (complete interior and/or exterior remodel): 

Martin's Drywall, LLC  561-310-2626

Duct Cleaning/Sanitizing/Painting:  

Roger Mesa, Healthier Indoor Air, 561-641-5966


Mark Holtz, MH Electric, 561-798-5367  

“Mo” Mojo Electric 561-436-8016 

Insulation Attic: 

Willie Jackson, Anytime Insulators, 561-845-0086

Insurance Agent:  

TK Krumenacker – Admirals Insurance Group – 561-844-8888

Mold Remediation:

Wetpro’s, Ed & Aaron DeClue – 561-701-3776 or 918-964-0069

Pest Control, Termites, Ants, Rodents, Fleas/Ticks, Lawn

Coastal Pest Solutions,  Jared Stanley, 561-758-3550


Greg Lieberman, Lieberman Plumbing, 561-744-2393

Carl Aldrin, Aldrin Plumbing, 561-436-8704

Michael Caputo Plumbing, 561-882-4148

Pool Cleaning & Service:  

Robert Tunks, Always Blue, 561-644-3549

Pressure Cleaning & Sealing:  

Low Pressure or No Pressure is best

Property Management: 

We will refer you to someone in your neighborhood.  Give us a call at 561-784-8811 or text me

Public Adjuster, The People’s Choice Public Adjusters -

Anthony Barber - 561-366-2663 - water, mold, fire, smoke, electrical, plumbing damage

Renting Out Your Home: 

Call us for 3 names and #'s for a realtor who knows your neighborhood


Mike Cirillo, Pinewood Construction/Roofing 561-309-0134 

Campany Roofing, 561-863-6550  

Graboski Roofing, 561-276-8252     

Bob Hartmann, Robert Hartmann Roofing, 561-346-4536 (roof repairs only)

Paul Francis, Paul Francis Roofing 561-797-1196 (roof repairs only)

Septic Inspection or Repairs: 

Jeremy’s Septic, 561-713-7858 or the office number 561-318-8416

Structural Engineer:

“Al” (Alaa Ali), Universal Engineering, 561-307-5420, or office number 561-204-5000


Structural Repairs & Contracting & Consulting:  

Joe Hofstrand, Paradise Contracting and Consultants,

Tint Residential or Commercial Windows (different than auto tinting):

Water Softener System

we will text you contacts

Water Testing

Water Quality Experts, 561-784-8811 (Patti)

Need someone not listed here?  Call us or Text us or Email us 561-784-8811

Resource Links
For your convenience, we are providing links to some useful sites that may help you. Enjoy!

Palm Beach County Property Appraiser
This is a search page to review information about a property in Palm Beach County. It's a great site with lots of information.

Broward County Property Appraiser
This is a search page to review information about a property in Broward County.

Martin County Property Appraiser
This is a search page to review information about a property in Martin County.

Miami Dade County Property Appraiser
This is a search page to review information about a property in Miami Dade County.

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NACHI promotes a high standard of professionalism, business ethics and inspection procedures. NACHI members subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics in the course of their business.

IF YOU NEED AN INSURANCE QUOTE, call us and we will give you three names and numbers of insurance agents who can give you a quote....or hit "reply" and ask us...

...AND FOR ALL MORTGAGES/LENDING/FINANCING, call Brian Govier at 561-267-0557

he's the “go to guy" who can find a loan product for just about anyone!!

He is a direct lender with in-house underwriters and his own closing department. No packages are sent off to a processing center.

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Antonio Prieto, HI#10955

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