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Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we encounter everyday. Click on a question to see a detailed explanation. Hope this helps. If you have a question not listed here CALL us at one of the below numbers.

Serving All of Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Martin Counties

as well as Highlands, Polk, Okeechobee, and Indian River counties

561-784-8811 * 772-236-4433 * 863-271-2233

. We'll be happy to hear from you!

  • I need a windstorm mitigation and/or 4-point insurance inspection
    Well, you've come to the right place! A windstorm mitigation is typically $100 and a 4-point insurance inspection is typically $150. Give us a call to set it up today. Serving All of Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Martin Counties, as well as Highlands, Polk, Okeechobee, and Indian River counties. 561-784-8811 * 772-236-4433 * 863-271-2233

  • Why do I need a home or building Inspection?
    Pro-active planning is a much better experience than reacting to costly surprises. Real Estate is one of the largest investments an individual or company will make, and perfection doesn't exist in any property. Looks can deceive you. A wise individual chooses to be professionally informed by documenting imperfections which ultimately can reduce costs and ensure a safer environment. Accurate documentation of the properties condition will empower you in transaction negotiations or prepare you to budget for any needed corrections. Most of all, you will proceed with more confidence having a much clearer picture of the property, it's needs for now, and in the future.

  • How much does an Inspection cost?
    Whether you choose to have a professional inspection or not, there is a price to pay. The value of having a professional inspection will certainly cost less. Click here to see WHY. Not all properties are the same in size or complexity. Price will vary accordingly. Inspecting a typical 3 bedroom 2 bath single family home will cost around $330. In today's market that's about .001 times the price. This is a very small percentage of the investment dollars at risk. Other inspections, such as insurance inspections are additional, as are termite or wood-destroying organism inspections, pool inspections, septic tank inspection, mold inspection, and/or mold testing, etc. We do not perform WDO inspections (termite and other wood-destroying organism) inspections, but we know of pest control companies who do. We do not perform septic inspections, but we know of companies who do.

  • Why do I need an Inspection on a brand new building?
    There is a big difference between a pre-closing defect repair list and a post closing warranty request. Thousands of items in a new home must coordinate together. These items will not be fully tested until you move in. Also there is a big difference in a pre-closing defect repair list and a post closing warranty request. Your closing agent and construction supervisor will insure all the items on the pre-closing defect repair list are corrected BEFORE closing. This is because they must transfer a completed building to your satisfaction, or else the closing agent can hold back funds for the correction of defects. After closing all sub-contractors have been paid and gone. Now defects are added to a long warranty request list along with other properties. Warranty repairs are performed by the contractors warranty repair department at a direct cost to the contractor. There is little incentive for a speedy repair after closing

  • Why should I Inspect before renting property?
    Why pay for problems your not responsible for? Many lease contracts hold the renter liable for property condition including maintenance and repairs. This means the day you sign the lease you could be responsible to fix or replace a faulty air conditioning system you assumed was fine. Furthermore at the end of a lease agreement you are responsible for the wear, tear and damage you leave behind. Unless you record the condition of a property before you occupy it, you have no proof the property is returned in the same condition as when you received it. This can leave you paying to restore a property to a condition better than when you received it. The price of a professional witness recording a properties pre-lease condition can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

  • How long does it take to do an Inspection?
    A good inspector will spend time assessing your property and conveying its condition to you. Not all properties are the same in size, age or complexity. Inspection time will vary accordingly. Typically inspecting a 3 bedroom 2 bath single family home will take about 2 hours. Age or poor property condition can lengthen this time.

  • When do I get the inspection report results?
    Our advanced computerized printed reports are ready for your review immediately upon completion of the inspection. We will sit with you to review the findings and answer any questions you may have. If you can't be present during the inspection you can LOG IN on this site and review, print or forward your report at will. This is especially helpful for realty professionals like Lenders, Attorneys, Title Companies, etc.

  • Who orders the Inspection and how, when?
    You, the buyer, are ultimately responsible to order your inspection, although most good realtors will assist you to insure you get this done. This is because typically you only have a 10 day right to inspect the property, sometimes less. At the expiration of this "right to inspect" time limit, you must proceed with the contract to purchase without an inspection. Most good inspectors are busy. Don't wait until the last minute to interview, select and schedule your inspector or your choices of inspector quality will diminish exponentially with time.

  • Who repairs the defects if any are found?
    All sales and purchase contracts are different. Some contracts specify the seller is responsible for repairs and can also specify a dollar limit of that responsibility. Some "as is" contracts release the seller from repair responsibility. Often times a buyer can negotiate receiving dollars towards repairs allowing the buyer to control the quality of the repair. This is a good option. Consult your realty professional to explain the repair clause in your contract. Visit our GALLERY to see some of the common defects discovered. Then click ORDER INSPECTION to schedule our services.

  • Can you provide references?
    Gladly! Our past clients are our best reference and we'll gladly share them with you, just CALL. We also provide a list of professional partners including property investment clients that use our services regularly. View them under our web page called REFERENCES.

  • Why should I get a Pre-Listing Inspection Report?
    Prevent losing a qualified buyer and position your property ahead of competitors. Typical purchase contracts give the buyer a "Right to Inspect" the property and can allow the buyer to cancel the purchase contract within the "Right to Inspect" time window. A Pre-Listing Inspection will expose contract challenging deficiencies and give you the opportunity to correct them. By pre-inspecting and correcting the property you are proactively preventing the loss of a qualified buyer and/or the loss of time the buyer spends challenging the condition of the property only to walk away or negotiate the deficiencies found. Also, after correcting any deficiencies and re-inspecting the property, you can distribute this positive document by printing it and/or publishing it on our web site. By inspecting your property and correcting any deficiencies, you are demonstrating your good faith to provide a quality property. This positions your property well ahead of any other like it for sale in your area.

  • How soon can I get a mold inspection?
    Depending on our availability, within 24 to 48 hours. Turnaround time is typically the next day, unless the specimen was taken on a Friday. Then results can be made available early Monday. Excludes weekends and holidays.

  • What type of allergens can you test for?
    First of all, you can tell us what you want your home to be tested for. Or, we can run a panel for Cat Dander, Dog Dander,Cockroach, Dust Mites, Mouse, Rat, Fiberglass. We can also test for mycotoxins and other types of environmental testing.

  • Can you tell me if I have an elevated level of formaldehyde?
    Yes, we can, we test for formaldehyde everyday. Give us a call at 561-784-8811 or 772-236-4433.

  • I have a smell in my home or office that I cannot identify?
    One of the more common questions.....usually followed with, "I've already had my home tested for mold, and it's not a mold problem." Well, we can come to your home or office and identify most types of unusual smells. Typically, one or the other person in your home doesn't smell it, but you do. Call us today!

  • I can't sell my home because of a smell, or odor.
    Call us today so we can visit you to discover and identify what it is. There are solutions easier than you'd think. We find smells and odors that others cannot. Start with us. 561-784-8811 or 772-236-4433.

  • My landlord won't do anything about my mold problem?
    Landlord/Tenant disputes typically end up with legal representation. The landlord or tenant requests us to go to the property, we do an inspection, assessment, evaluation first, and then perform testing. We will not show up to test only. An inspection/assessment/evaluation IS A MUST. Call us today

  • I have black mold. Can you help me?
    Well, unfortunately, our social media, and other types of media have given us just enough information to be dangerous and speculative. We assure ourselves that we have black mold. Typically, this is proven to be untrue with testing. Bottom line: the "mold" you see must be tested and analyzed. We can provide you with answers based on science, and factual information. Not a hypothesis. We will advise you if the substance is mold, and if it is black mold.

  • I know mold. I can smell it. Can you help me prove it?
    Many times, there is a musty, mildew type smell in a home or office, and we tell others there is mold present. Not all mold has a smell. Some smells of mold can turn out to have an easier fix than you thought. Let's stop scaring ourselves and others and find out the truth. Is there a problem? We can tell you. Can it be resolved easily? We'll tell you. How fast can it be resolved and how much will it cost? We are not mold remediator's, but we are the first step in the mold process. A licensed and insured mold assessor is what we are, and whom we are. Then the information we provide can be followed up with by a licensed and insured mold remediator. Again, we are the first step in the process. Call us today! 561-784-8811

  • My wife/husband/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend "insert name here" is CRAZY! Can you come by to appease them?
    Yes, we can come by after you tell us "why" you believe this person's claims are crazy. Oftentimes, we discover a problem that wasn't so crazy after all. Then once we identify the true problem, we can assist you with resources to eradicate it. Sometimes people aren't really crazy in the end.....but the problem is discovered. Happy ending to most stories. You can deal with the facts.

  • Do you inspect rentals? Pre-Lease and Post-Lease Inspections
    Yes, and we have done this for many years. Many property owners ask us to inspect the condo or home prior to a lease being signed. We include pictures so you can benefit from knowing the condition of your condo or home prior to leasing it. Then we also can do a Post-Lease Inspection so you can, once again, know the condition of the condo or home at the end of a Lease. 561-784-8811 or 772-236-4433.

  • Can you come and talk to my group?
    Yes, we do presentations all the time, to homeowner's associations, small or large groups, first time home buyer's seminars, real estate schools, social groups so you can be informed of residential and/or commercial issues, mold issues, windstorm mitigation questions, and the various types of testing available. Is there a condo unit in your building that can't be rented due to an unknown, but apparent issue? Is there a problem within the HOA and you would like an expert speaker to deliver information to the homeowners, and answer questions, call us for an appointment 561-784-8811 or 772-236-4433.

  • I have a smell in my home but it's not mold!!
    This is the #1 reason people call us. No one can figure out the smell. Well give us a call and we will talk about it. Most of the time we can test it and/or by deduction, figure it out. We have meters and tools and instruments. Call us today for testing, or for an evaluation without testing. 561-784-8811 or 772-236-4433.

  • Can you inspect my home periodically?
    Yes, we are not just there for those who are buying a property, or selling one. We are there for you to find out if there are items in the home that need attention, in the form of repair, replacement, or an issue to be discovered that you were not aware of. Pricing and scheduling information. Call 561-784-8811 or 772-236-4433.

  • Can you tell me what my property is worth?
    No, but we get asked this question all the time. That is a licensed residential or commercial appraiser, and we can direct you to them. Give us a call 561-784-8811. A home inspector and a residential property appraiser are two different licenses in the State of Florida. One has nothing to do with the other.

  • Can you provide me with a flood elevation certificate?
    No, that is provided to you by a land survey company. We can direct you to them. Totally different license, and skill set. Call us so we can provide you with that name and number.

  • Help! I found a dark spot of something in my house!!
    It may or may not be mold. Many realtors ask us never to mention the "M" word. Mold. It is not as scary as most believe to be true. We are experts in mold, if it is mold, and will take the fear and intimidation out of the situation by educating you, rather than instilling fear in you. Mold cannot become present without some source of water. It may be in the form of condensation, humidity, moisture, a leak, or water intrusion: all of which are water sources. Let us help you get to the bottom of it. It may not be a huge problem after all. 561-784-8811

  • If I have mold in my home, or office, what are the steps I should take?
    In the State of Florida, there are mold assessors, which is what I am, and we are the first step in identifying the presence of mold. First step, identify it is mold, and then we find the source of the leak, and guide you to the other steps. These may entail: (1) a public adjuster, (2) a mold remediator, (3) a plumber, roofer, or HVAC professional, (4) having the HVAC system cleaned and sanitized, and/or (5) a contractor to build back the area where materials had to be removed.

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US Building Inspectors, Inc.
Serving All of Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Martin Counties

as well as Highlands, Polk, Okeechobee, and Indian River counties

561-784-8811 * 772-236-4433 * 863-271-2233

Patrice A Hofstrand, HI#2147, MRSA#1796, MRSR#4798 Wind Mitigation Inspector CES-11-I044, #IAC2-02-1643 and NORMI Certified Environmental Allergen Assessor (NCEAA) 

Antonio Prieto, HI#10955

"Inspected Once, Inspected Right!"
"Now, allergy and mycotoxin testing in your home!"

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