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Thanks to our loyal fan base, we are proud to have expanded to Polk and Highlands counties in the sunny state of Florida!  We continue to service Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Okeechobee counties with pride.  We are proud of our paramount growth from offering home inspections, insurance inspections (windstorm mitigations & 4-point insurance inspections) to indoor air quality inspections and testing!  The 3 companies are in high demand in Florida as the state continues to flourish with more who wish to call Florida their home.  Many investors, homeowners, business owners, tenants, landlords, and commercial/industrial/retail property owners rely on our thoroughness and attention to detail.  Many physicians refer their patients to Allergy & Asthma Consultants, for testing in their homes and offices and we are most thankful for them.  Many of our customers of US Building Inspecotrs, Allergy & Asthma Consultants, and Water Quality Experts refer us to their friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues, and we are most grateful.  Help us continue our growth!


We have grown beyond belief!  The housing market has been very strong especially in sunny South Florida!  We welcome all the new residents transitioning into paradise.  U.S. Building Inspectors services Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, and Okeechobee counties.  We have grown expedentiously.  Tony and I have expanded our services from performing quality and thorough home inspections on residential dwellings, but also on commercial, industrial, and retail properties as well.  We also perform windstorm mitigation and 4-point insurance inspections for residential dwellings.  The added services are indoor air quality inspections and testing, which include mold, allergen, and environmental indoor air concerns.  The environmental laboratories analyzing the specimens and cartridges are all over the United States.  Attendance at national conferences for the latest indoor air quality technology has been first and foremost on the list of education this year.  It is always nice to be referred patients from holistic,  homepathic, and naturopathic doctors.  Many immunocomprimised patients seek us out to assist in finding what is triggering their symptoms.  By performing a thorough and detailed inspection in their home, office, and automobiles, has proven to be of great clarity when the item that may be a culprit.  Cleaning and maintaining the home, office, or automobile has been a life-changing and eye-opening change for many of our customers.  Allergy & Asthma Consultants was formed by Patti Hofstrand to perform indoor air quality consultations.  As a need was found for indoor air quality consultations, another need was discovered that many of our clients wished to have performed.  Water quality testing was introduced to many clients to complete the circle of inspections in the home and office.  Water Quality Experts was formed to provide a water testing service.  Customers have been referring us to their friends and family members.  Social media has also contributed to our growth.  We will be providing a service to the community when YouTube videos will be created to help homeowners, and renters alike, to become educated about their home or condo and how they can be more aware of the problematic concerns, and learn how to change their environment to a more clean and dry one.  We are very thankful to our community for the many referrals.  Tony Prieto and I (Patti Hofstrand) are indebted to each one of you who has kept us in mind for residential and commercial inspections, indoor air quality consultations, and water quality testing.  


Wow! Who knew where we would be in 2022 concerning home inspections, mold inspections, and the need for so many inspections!  We have been able to maintain a strong pace of quality and timeliness with so many home sales in sunny South Florida.  We love what we do and it shows.  To show the amount of integrity, ethics, and thorough, detailed reports, our customers are our largest source of referrals.  It is so rewarding to hear from our customers that we were referred to them by multiple sources, i.e. family members, their real estate attorney, their realtor.  It means the world to us that our efforts are recognized by our customers.  We appear to be on the trending posts of so many individuals buying both residential, retail, industrial, and commercial real estate.  Families and individuals are not only utilizing our inspection services, but professionals moving to Florida have asked us to inspect buildings and office space they are moving in to.  We could not be more pleased with the feedback of so many concerning the #1 ranking home inspection and building inspection company in South Florida.  We are growing expeditiously in the indoor air quality, mold, and allergen testing industry.  We have so many resources to provide our residential and commercial customers.  Indoor air quality monitoring devices that are monitored by a top engineering company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can receive a call from the monitoring company (just like an alarm monitoring company) to notify you if your indoor air quality is of concern at any given time.  We are IAQ consultants who can provide you with options for your home or office to keep guests, visitors, family, employees, and all others who enter breathing their best.  Physicians and alternative holistic professionals proudly recommend our IAQ services to their patients so an intake can be scheduled in their home or office to determine what air quality issues may be of concern, so they can be mitigated.  Contact us today!  Thank you again for keeping us at the top of your list as the best company in South Florida.  Our service areas are Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River counties. 


Thank each and every referral that you have provided us.  We rely on customer to customer referrals and it is wonderful to see and hear the reviews and references and ratings that keep us on top of our game!  Being the most thorough, detailed home inspection and mold inspection company in South Florida speaks volumes.  The reviews on Yelp! and Google mean so much.  We take pride in inspecting and assessing each home, commercial, industrial, and retail building you ask us to perform.  Providing an easy-to-read, detailed inspection report, with photos makes our customers happy, and whomever they pass the inspection report along to is also able to understand the deficiencies we note.  We are always available by phone, text, and email to clarify any items in our reports to those who need this.  Making ourselves available to our customers is something you don't see in business all the time, but we know a home inspection (or mold inspection) is something that requires are immediate attention when you or others need to know details.  Thank you again for keeping us at the top of your list of one of the best companies in South Florida.  Our service areas are Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River counties. 


We owe so much to the general public (both commercial and residential customers) for continually referring us to their colleagues, friends, families, and neighbors whom have helped us grow into an even larger company, organically.  Without constant referrals from those not just satisfied with our services, but providing us with the utmost of awesome online references, we wouldn't have the success we have today, in 2020.  To say our customers boast about how much time we take with them to make sure they understand the home inspection process, the inspection, the report, the walk-through, the next steps, is to put it simply.  Thank you for entrusting us with your inspections and mold testing and water testing services.  Many homeowners who have called us with a problem in their home have oftentimes called 5 or more trade professionals, including roofers, contractors, and/or engineeers to their home or office, who have been unable to find the source of the problem; and most often, we not only find the source of the problem at-hand, but we do it in record time once on-site.  We listen to our customers, provide excellent customer service, use the most updated technology available, and most importantly, have the experience and knowledge to sum up the best inspection report available.  Without you, our customers, we would not be where we are of the most sought out inspection companies in South Florida.  Thank you for choosing us to be your home inspectors, to do your insurance inspections (wind mit's and 4-pt's), but also mold testing, and water testing!  Let's do it again!


We broke new records this year with all of the services we offer!  Thanks to all who have used our diverse services including home inspections, commercial inspections, insurance inspections, mold testing and mold protocol writing, allergy testing and in-home visits for recommendations concerning making better choices in the home, and cleaning areas you never thought of to remove allergens, water testing to find out what's in your water, including FHA and VA water testing, and a new addition of a mobile notary services and errand running, NOTARY-ON-THE-SPOT AND ERRANDS TOO.  We are a concierge service for customers in need.  We are also a great resource for service trade professionals you may need in your home.  We encourage you to tell your business colleagues, friends, neighbors, and partners about US BUILDING INSPECTORS, ALLERGY & ASTHMA CONSULTANTS, WATER QUALITY EXPERTS, and NOTARY-ON-THE-SPOT AND ERRANDS TOO.   Call one number for all 561-784-8811.


We have grown in many ways in the past few years!  US BUILDING INSPECTORS is not just in the home inspection business.  We have brandied several new companies!  ALLERGY & ASTHMA CONSULTANTS perform mold inspections, evaluations, assessments, does various forms of testing methods, and writes protocol for mold remediators, homeowners, insurance companies, public adjusters, and law firms.  Specializing in mold identification and assessments in residential, multi-family, and commercial properties.  ALLERGY & ASTHMA CONSULTANTS to assess, evaluate, and test for problematic allergen testing, and helping guide individuals to discover a better way of living.   WATER QUALITY EXPERTS to assist homeowners, lenders, banks, mortgage companies to find out "What's In Your Water?"  Bacteria, lead, nitrates, nitrites, iron, and pretty much whatever breakdown of what may be in your water.  561-784-8811 is the main number and we have added other phone numbers for the individual businesses.  


A wonderful 2016 it is!!  I am blessed to have so many of you put your faith and confidence in US BUILDING INSPECTORS!  Yes, it's true.  We are busier than ever and I attribute that to great thoroughness and expertise, but also to you whom have seen our inspections and viewed our Inspection Reports first hand.  I thank each and every one of you who expect nothing short of a comprehensive, thorough property inspection with a lot of pictures and attention to detail.  Each and every report is written as though it is for you and your contractor to review and plan ahead.  Dreams are able to be realized by one of my inspection reports coupled with your contractor of choice.  Thank yor for another wonderful year together.  From me to all of you........thank you!!


USBI has had a breakout year thanks to many of you referring many buyers, realtors, real estate lawyers to us, and spreading the good word.  Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.  It is important to stay on top of all the latest information that affects us all.  Better equipment was purchased to stay in line with what is necessary to find out what goes on inside a home, equestrian farm, residence with an airplane hangar, a residence on the ocean, or commercial building you are purchasing.  Here at US BUILDING INSPECTORS, we do it all.


USBI has been working on our creativity in sharing the best photos, information, and thorough detail of each home or building we inspect.  You have responded positively to our new highly skilled staff and software technology which has been updated to the top of our industry standards.  We aim to please and apparently we've done well.  Check out our ratings from customers


Our best year yet!  USBI has made new improvements in staff, tools, computer software, equipment, trucks, and multi-inspector professionals.  We've added everyone from general contractors, structural engineers, Chinese "defective" drywall inspectors, mold inspectors, and termite/pest inspectors.  Our ever-increasing techie crew has enabled us to share better photos and description of what we are looking at so you can view it from another state, country, or simply from your home or office, as though you were there with us.  We've received the greatest compliments from lawyers, realtors, buyers, and sellers, and yes, even from roofers, plumbers, and other contractors who have viewed our reports.


We are constantly changing for the better.  USBI has new and creative ideas to assist you in making the most informed decision when purchasing a property, or updating/renovating a home, apartment, townhouse, condo, or commercial property.  Ask us about our new ways in which we can assist you in answering building inspection (home inspection) questions relevant to your purchase.


USBI endeavors in updating tools, instruments, and devices used in keeping up with the very BEST in our industry.  We look to make certain we communicate with every person's individual needs when performing a home inspection, or a building inspection on a retail, industrial, or commercial project.


Better than ever, USBI consistently updates themselves via continuing education and stay abreast of the latest and greatest ways to identify deficiencies found on various types of homes, condo's, townhouses, and commercial properties.  We continue to create the most thorough inspection reports for our customers.

USBI adds new and improved state-of-the-art equipment and tools to their arsenal for those of you "techies" who love the latest and greatest.  We may not be able to "see" behind drywall but we come the closest to educating you on what we find when on-site.  Just because the homeowner had their roof repaired, and can show receipts doesn't mean the leak is fixed, or the correct repair was performed.  Science doesn't lie!  Customers are more than happy with our new equipment...and don't be afraid to ask us about Chinese drywall.

Even better automation allows USBI to better communicate with all parties in the real estate process. Yes, we're all about expedient communication.  The more you know, the better informed you are, and can make intelligent decisions about the property.  We are proud to be have the fastest reporting system available in our industry.  Thousands of hours have gone into developmental tools just for YOU!

Patti Neri, CMI, has joined the ranks as a Certified Mold Inspector to enable USBI customers the ability to better understand mold and other environmental hazards from a woman's perspective.  Her calming, informative methods allow the buyers, sellers, realtors, lawyers, and others involved in the sensitive real estate transaction to avoid alarm.

Patti Neri, CMI, CMA - (Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Assessor), in addition to being a Building Inspector brings her expertise to the table making USBI reporting even more complete with digital photographs of the faults/defects in each report.

Realtor, buyers, lawyers, sellers, and contractors can now "see" what the Building Inspector is referring to in each report to streamline the repair process, by providing this visual link to the "punch list".

USBI, PMI, and ACT Inc. team up to develop and deploy a much needed online portal where the Property Repair and Service Industry along with Realty Professionals can collaborate, exchange work and manage their business with a simple to use online application that schedules and tracks work progress. The product will be brought to market via a partner company, ServUsXchange, LLC. Click here and check them out!!

Third Quarter Growth 2005
USBI closes the third quarter of 2005 up by 37% over 2004.  This is a sincere compliment and testimony that our customers continue to vote USBI a viable and valuable service. We thank you for all the Referrals!

September 2004
USBI relocates to a new office at the Palm Beach Polo Community Sales Building in Wellington Florida.  See pictures in the Gallery

New Innovations
1st Quarter 2004: USBI fires up new software designed to shorten inspection times while raising accuracy. It also allows customers and realtors to receive the inspection results via the web. They can download a copy from the internet at will. This feature will become extremely valuable  at the closing table if someone forgot the termite report. We are really proud of this technological addition.  Read more in Technology


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